Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Great Chocolate Chip Muffin Hunt

Happy Mother's Day! It has been a pretty good one here. Got up for a jog and came home to two beautiful hanging plants from Bill and the boys. Later we went to brunch, where C proceeded to eat chicken strips like a maniac and insist on going back on the golf course to see the carts. Now Bill is watching the boys and I am trying to relax outside of the house. I don't know why I find that so difficult, but I do. Sitting here in the Martin's cafe with a bottled water and the latest Augusten Burroughs. I keep thinking I should be doing something more "Mother's Day-ish" like get my nails done or go to the movies, but nothing playing interested me and really, when I fantasize about time away from the boys, I am thinking about doing one of 3 things: jogging and listening to music, writing, or reading. So, here I am. I just started a nonfiction creative writing course from the open university (it's free, self-paced). I just finished the first exercise. Maybe it will help me come up with more interesting blog posts. About the title of this post--C is currently obsessed with Entemann's chocolate chip mini-muffins. He must not be the only toddler with this addiction, because lately we have a hard time finding them anywhere. I figured I'd pick up a couple of boxes while I was out this afternoon. Five stores later, I buy the last two boxes at Kroger. The funny thing is--everywhere I went, Kroger, Martin's, Target, they all had a lifetime supply of the snicker doodle mini-muffin. Someone should let the area grocery supplier know that snicker doodle is not capturing the imagination of the SB eating public. So I managed to post twice in one week! Here's to more frequent (and more interesting) posts.

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