Sunday, May 22, 2016

Movie Review: The Nice Guys

On Friday afternoon I was able to get away and catch The Nice Guys The latest film from Shane Black, who made Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of my favorite movies. This one was not quite as great as that film, but it was a lot of fun. Both Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling were quite funny, and the soundtrack was great. I read somewhere that the film came off like a pilot for a detective series, and that is true, and I would definitely watch such a series. The theatre I saw it in has recently remodeled, so all the seats are barcaloungers and you can order Starbucks. Quite nice. Still plugging away with the creative writing course and the boys are doing well. Went a wedding for one of Bill's students yesterday. They had a mariachi band as part of the mass and it was awesome. I want every mass I go to for the rest of my life to feature a mariachi band--that's not to be, but one can dream.

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