Sunday, March 06, 2016

Trying Again!

So much for posting regularly! As usual, life got busy. Typing this now as I have 10 minutes before I give S his meds. I always want to wait until I have time to write something interesting or funny, but that time never seems to come. S has started a new therapy that is helping with his congestion quite a bit. C is growing so fast. He's a handful, but it is fun to watch how much he is learning each day. Bill and I have been trying to eat better and work out more this year. It has been motivating to do this together. It has been almost on year since I stopped eating meat. At first, I really missed bacon and beef stroganoff, but I found this really great mushroom stroganoff recipe and I think I've turned the corner where I can't ever imagine going back. Well, not terribly exciting, but it's a start. I'll try to get back to it more often. The photo above is of S & I the other day.

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